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What if there was a tool that let you set a number 1-10 as an answer to “how are you”. Friends you trust to see your number could subscribe to be notified when your number falls below a certain threshold. What do you think?


Answering the question “How are you” can be challenging when the honest truth is “not very well”, “depressed” or “anxious”. What’s even harder when you’re in a dark place is to reach out to friends or family to let them know you are struggling.

Leo, my brother from WP Hugs, offered a simple but very helpful scale of 1-10 that let’s you answer using a number rather than words. On his scale 10 is the greatest, 1-3 means “need help” (with levels of desperation), 4 is “not too bad but coping”, 5 is “neutral” or “too early to tell”, 6 is “just ok”. 7-8 “moving up” and 9 a great space.

MVP (Minimal Viable Product)

  • Simple web app
  • Sign up and confirm your email address
  • Set your number (1-10)
  • Create a link/unique invitation code to give your friends to subscribe to your number/feed
  • When someone registers with your invitation code it would still require you to confirm that this person is authorized to see your number
  • Manage authorization (i.e. revoke if desired)
  • Those you authorize to see your number can set a threshold they would want to be notified if your number falls below.
  • Notifications come by email

Possible Future non-MVP features

  • Saving not just your current number but keeping all your entries for your historical review
  • Text entries to allow you to add information of thing that might be impacting your score. For your historical review and learning about what helps or doesn’t help.
  • Setting multiple numbers, one for each category (could be useful to those facing more than one ongoing challenge)
  • SMS notifications (via Twillio, need to figure out how cost would be covered)
  • Build an iOS and Android apps to set number and/or receive push notifications

What do you think?

You can respond on the original announcement on WP Hugs.

In 10-14 days we’ll post an update on whether there is enough interest in using such a tool as well as helping to build it. Our hope is to start building soon if the community gets behind the project.