When I came up with the idea for this tool it didn’t even cross my mind for it to be an income-earning business effort. It’s not my motivation; it’s not my intention. My thoughts:

  • The tool and its future relies on good people contributing their talents and time.
  • There will be some cost associated with the tool (hosting, cost of SMS notifications if we enable it, etc.)
  • The app should be sustainable in the long term so that it doesn’t run out of steam for lack of my planning
  • To cover cost we either need a periodic/ongoing campaign able to receive donations to cover the cost OR charge for the use. I really don’t like the idea of charging for the app.
  • Once the mobile app is ready, we could charge a tiny amount for it in the app store to go towards cost. Or should it be free and we rely on donations?
  • The more time I spend on building this tool the less time I have for income-earning for my family (wife + 5 kids) so I need to pace myself and allow space for others to help