This has been a great week of progress: Project blog is up and running, first draft of wireframes is published, I received several offers to help with building the app, got some great advice…

However, it may also turn out to be a hard week because I didn’t put as many hours as I needed to towards billable work.

‎If I’m honest, I am tempted to ignore the imbalance and press on because this app idea is exciting and really important to me, personally. I know the reality of being responsible for financially providing for a family of seven would catch up with me very quickly though. And to avoid financial ruin I would have to stop working on this and only do billable work for a while.

After receiving some good counsel I know that I need to put a long term plan together that would achieve long term sustainability of the app without jeopardizing the long term stability of my family.

So I’m thinking through just that. How can I bring this app to the world to help many of us support one another while being able to provide for my family through my work (on this and other projects).