The How Goes It? app aims to bridge the disconnect between the hurting and the caring.

Carlo Caretto in Letters from the Desert writes “It’s love which justifies our actions; love must initiate all we do… Live love, let love invade you. It will never fail to teach you what you must do.”

Love is when a friend struggles and hurts, I hurt too. I hurt with.

Several times this last year I heard friends say some variation of the following: “Sorry that I haven’t been around. I was down in the pits (of depression) all week long.”

I so wished I would have known earlier because I could have come over, invited the friend over or at least just made a phone call.

There were also times I coincidentally happen to call a friend right in the middle of them going through a rough patch. I had no idea when I dialed the number but was able to provide encouragement by just listening and being there.

On one specific occasion I received the following from a friend, weeks after our conversation:

“I probably didn’t mention this to you already… but the last time you Facetimed me I was going through quite the anxiety attack for almost a week, and your call and knowing someone cared and was there if I needed, made such a huge difference to me, wouldn’t have gotten out of that one that unharmed without your help.”

YES! More of this! All around!

But… with today’s busy schedules we don’t interact with each other face-to-face enough. And even if we run into each other in a hallway or on the street the short interaction doesn’t give us a chance to notice that the friend, relative or coworker is hurting.

I also, very personally, know the other side of the equation. When in a dark place, the last thing I want to do is burden someone with my struggles. At least that’s the lie of the darkness – that bringing it up to a friend would be a burden to them.

So no matter which side of the hurting/caring equation we find ourselves on at the moment, let’s lean into this love, together.