MVP (Minimally Viable Product)

  • Simple web app + mobile app (using AppPresser)
  • Sign up and confirm your email address
  • Set your number (1-10)
  • Create a link/unique invitation code to give your friends to subscribe to your number/feed
  • When someone registers with your invitation code it would still require you to confirm that this person is authorized to see your number
  • Manage authorization (i.e. revoke if desired)
  • Those you authorize to see your number will receive notification if the number is 1-3.
  • Notifications come by email (and mobile app push when using mobile app)


  • Name chosen
  • Feature-set solidified, wireframes built, committed
  • Branding, Design, Logo
  • Design
  • Web app built (MVP)
  • Mobile App built on AppPresser (MVP)
  • Beta launch of MVP
  • Launch of MVP

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